Swimming Pool Repairs-Resurfacing pool surface repair in Tulsa Area

Cracked or Worn Slides


Slide frustrating you? Instead of a costly replacement, we can repair and resurface it.

Stairs need repair


We repair and resurface tired or worn surfaces on fiberglass swimming pool in Tulsa and spas & hot tubs.

Renew by Resurfacing


Resurfacing after a repair can be tricky and hard to match.  Our process enables us to make the repairs and match the colors to be resurfaced.

Mainaining your Investment


Pools and hot tubs are expensive to add.  We help you maintain the appearance and function of the surfaces.

Repair vs Replace Cost


Replacing a slide, stairs or parts that can be repaired and resurfaced is costly.  Why not just let us give us an estimate on repairing and resurfacing it. Pool surface repair in Tulsa area. fiberglass pool step stair repair

Let us do the work, you relax


OUR PROCESS is time efficient and can be a drastic improvement.