Kitchen remodeling - Counter top and Tile renew

Resurface Tile

tile backsplash kitchen bathroom tulsa

Tile countertops or backsplash?  we can make it look new again by our resurface process, and you won't even have to worry about the grout anymore.

Resurface Countertops


Eyesore, chipped, damaged or just desire something different?  We can fix that.

Resurface Sinks


Sink have cracks, chips or scratches?  Unsightly color?  We can fix that.

Need Repairs?


We repair cracks, chips, fine lines and more on most items we resurface. Formica missing an edge or have a high spot? We can fix that too. Countertops in Tulsa. laminate countertops kitchen remodeling counter top coating resurface in Tulsa

Resurface vs Replace


Our process is simple.  Keep what you have, dont worry about a messy tear out and the headaches that come with it.  Our process is more affordable and you will have less down time.  

Kitchens - the Heart of the Home


Keep what you have and let Surface Solutions of Tulsa renew it with our state of the art resurfacing process.

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We work by appointment.  Please feel free to call or email us for your free Consultation.